[Setup] problem upgrading CacheFu

Ricardo Newbery ric at digitalmarbles.com
Mon Jan 7 22:56:28 UTC 2008

On Jan 7, 2008, at 1:24 PM, John DeStefano wrote:

> On Jan 7, 2008 3:48 PM, Ricardo Newbery <ric at digitalmarbles.com>  
> wrote:
>> That error is unrelated.  It's telling you that
>> "portal_cache_settings" is missing.  I'm guessing you removed it
>> manually?  Don't do that.
> Yes, I did remove it, when I was deleting caching objects from the
> site root in hopes of resolving this earlier.  But it does seem
> related, at least remotely, as when the CacheFu directories aren't in
> Products, this error doesn't occur.

No, not related.  You get this error when CacheFu is in Products  
precisely because the cachesetup layer only exists when CacheFu is in  
Products and you haven't yet properly uninstalled it.  When CacheFu  
is not in Products, the cachesetup layer is gone (but still in your  
list) and the default enableHTTPCompression.py included in the Plone  
core is rendered instead.

>> It's probably best now to install CacheFu from scratch.  Since
>> portal_cache_settings has been deleted there really isn't anything to
>> migrate anymore.  I'm guessing you might have to first remove the
>> cachesetup layer from your skin list.  Or maybe try removing the old
>> CacheFu cruft via portal_quickinstaller using the ZMI (to bypass the
>> skin stuff).
> I see in /portal_skins/manage_propertiesForm that products I had long
> deleted have left their cruft in the Plone Default skin Layers list.
> And when I try to remove the cache layers and click Save (or even
> click Save without changing anything), an exception is thrown: "Name
> not found: LanguageToolFlags".

This means that you have a layer called LanguageToolFlags (an old  
deprecated layer from PloneLanguageTool) in your list that no longer  
exists.  Remove it also from the list and try again.  This happens a  
lot.  Just keep adding any "not found" layers to the delete request  
until it works.  If this makes you uncomfortable, just define a new  
skin with a clone of the current list and start deleting.


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