[Setup] Workflow worklist import error

Andrew D. Fields Andrew at Divix.biz
Fri Jan 4 21:04:42 UTC 2008

Using ArchGenXML 2.0beta6 I created a workflow called:

For the most part, it has been a fairly simple process, until I tried to
create a Worklist for my workflow.


The documentation states:

                You can add more than one state to a worklist, just by
specifying the same name for the worklist tagged value.


I tried that adding 5 states to one worklist, named: reviewer_queue.

Here is the XML that got generated for that in my definistion.xml file:

<worklist worklist_id="reviewer_queue" title="reviewer_queue">


          category="global">Pending reviewer_queue</action>


   <guard-permission>Review portal content</guard-permission>


  <match name="review_state" values="pending_prepwork"/>

  <match name="review_state" values="pending_maint"/>

  <match name="review_state" values="pending_cleaning"/>

  <match name="review_state" values="pending_condition_review"/>

  <match name="review_state" values="appreview_hold"/>



There are a couple of issues with that XML:

1)       The "=" in "review_state=pending" causes this error when I try
to import the workflow:

  Module Products.DCWorkflow.exportimport, line 60, in _importBody

  Module Products.DCWorkflow.exportimport, line 150, in parseWorkflowXML

  Module xml.dom.minidom, line 1925, in parseString

  Module xml.dom.expatbuilder, line 940, in parseString

  Module xml.dom.expatbuilder, line 223, in parseString

ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 361, column 79

2)       If I fix the above (by stripping out the offending "="). The
"match name=" entries don't seem to have any effect on the "Cataloged
variable matches" value.  What it *should* do, is generate a ";"
delimited list as in:
w;appreview_hold".  Instead, I just get "appreview_hold"  In other
words, it ignores the first entries and just sets the "Cataloged
variable matches" value to the last entry in the list.


So, my questions are:

1)       Is this a bug?

2)       Am I doing something wrong?

3)       For the first issue, what is the correct XML? It looks like the
code that generates that line is in WorkflowGenerator.py - if so, I can
easily update that and get the code mods to whoever is in charge of that
(that code is in ArchGenXML).  Do I need to wrap that in a [CDATA]
(since it has embedded "=" symbols)?

4)       Can someone tell me what the correct XML is for importing the
"match name=" entries so they update the "Cataloged variable matches"
correct?  Or direct me to the code that does that so I can look at it
and figure it out that way.


I realize this crosses both GenericSetup as well as ArchGenXML but I
can't fix ArchGenXML's output until I know what GenericSetup expects as


Plone 3.0.3

--- Best Regards, 

Andrew D. Fields
American Village Corp.

Andrew at AVCorp.biz
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F: 503.362.0007
7585 State St.  - Salem, OR - 97317


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