[Setup] Re[2]: Active Directory

Erol Robaina Cepero root at centis.edu.cu
Fri Feb 29 20:03:10 UTC 2008

yes, that's ok, it works ok. But I have problems with python-ldap and simplon.plone.ldap

1- I don't know where I can find an updated python-ldap version to my plone3.0.5-python2.4.4 over windows. I have 2.0.6 version.

2- I don't know where I should copy de content of python-ldap

3- I don't know where I should copy each component of the simplon.plone.ldap, the process to install it is so hard to me because it's explained for linux and I use windows. the readme file talks about folders that doesn't exist or it is not where it should be.

I need a step by step about that files installation.

thank a lot for your help

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>Here is a short write-up ive put together to help folks get user/groups
>worked out once they are authenticating against AD... i hope it helps!...
>by Steve Adamo on 2008-02-29 in the Installation, Setup, Upgrades forum:
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