[Setup] install add-on products with easy_install and zc.buildout

=?gb2312?B?y86wsrO8?= 04120213 at bjtu.edu.cn
Fri Feb 29 06:21:06 UTC 2008

I have some problem with products installing in plone3.
First I installed the plone3 by using the united install package.
Then I downloaded a product eggs (such as the ¡°collective.portlet.skype-1.0-beta1¡±) and extracted it in the path d:/ collective.portlet.skype-1.0-beta1,then I run the ¡°easy_install d:/ collective.portlet.skype-1.0-beta1¡± command to install it,after finished the install I found there is a egg in the directory ¡°C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Python\Lib\site-packages\collective.portlet.skype-1.0_beta1-py2.4.egg¡±,but why I could not  found this products in the plone site¡¯s installation?
If I want to install it with zc.buildout,how could I do and how could I install zc.buildout first?
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