[Setup] Squid-Apache-CacheFu

Ricardo Newbery ric at digitalmarbles.com
Wed Feb 27 20:41:12 UTC 2008

On Feb 27, 2008, at 11:51 AM, g.sharpe wrote:

> I'm trying to determine the squid paths required for the
> makeconfig.cfg file for a squid-apache-cachefu setup.  I'm Ubuntu
> Server 7.1.  Should the cache_dir path for squid be set to the swap
> directory for squid on Ubuntu (/var/spool/squid)?

I'm not familiar with the Ubuntu install but the default cache_dir  
path is usually something like:


But the squid.conf file defines where is the cache so unless you have  
an existing cache you want to retain, you can put it wherever you like  
(just remember to run "squid -z" to generate the cache structure).

Take a look at the heavily documented example config file at "/path/to/ 
squid-build/etc/squid.conf.default" for more options available for  
cache_dir.  The makeconfig doesn't give you handles for all the  
options but you can manually edit the generated config if you like.


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