[Setup] error: Python was built with Visual Studio 2003

wvision70 at alice.it wvision70 at alice.it
Mon Feb 18 14:52:43 UTC 2008

Dear all,
I've a new notebook ( winxp ), and I'm not able to finish my buildout construction as I'm getting the same error even, when compiling Zope.
I'm following the standard guideline found here : 
http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/buildout/creating-a-buildout-for-your-project <http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/buildout/creating-a-buildout-for-your-project> 
Including actions reported in comments.
Here the last lines of the buildout log:
Installing zope2.
running build_ext
creating zope.proxy
copying zope/proxy\proxy.h -> zope.proxy
error: Python was built with Visual Studio 2003; extensions must be built with a compiler than can generate compatible binaries.
Visual Studio 2003 was not found on this system. If you have Cygwin installed, you can try compiling with MingW32, by passing "-c mingw32" to setup.py.
  Installing zope2.
An internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a recipe being used:

Thanks in advance,
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