[Setup] ZEO + PloneCASLogin = trouble

Getchell, Adam acgetchell at ucdavis.edu
Tue Feb 12 01:41:22 UTC 2008

Hi all,

We're moving our Plone sites from a single instance Zope install to a ZEO instance with two front ends.

So, initially we just turned off our single box, copied our data.fs to the backend box, reconfigured the front end to point to the ZEO instance, and renamed the local data.fs.

Runs fine. Then we tried to create a brand new front-end, installing exactly the same version of Zope/Plone+Products. Our limitation was PloneCAS and friends, since they only work on Plone 2.5.x.

Turns out that's a limitation of a different sort.

Basically, on the new instances parts of the site don't show up. Articles that get populated from a python script based on date, for example. Or non-home pages. The data is still there, indisputably, since it's being served up by the original single node. But when the two new copies serve the data (ie we turn the old one off), they exhibit the same missing functions, and in particular, only show the correct full site content when you login.

So we're using PloneCASLogin, and sure enough, that product *appears* broken in the Products management.

But, it still works. That is, we can use CAS to login to our sites. The old node shows everything perfectly, the new ones show stuff once you login.

If we reinstall, we get the following errors:

Traceback (innermost last):
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 121, in publish
  Module Zope2.App.startup, line 240, in commit
  Module transaction._manager, line 96, in commit
  Module transaction._transaction, line 380, in commit
  Module transaction._transaction, line 378, in commit
  Module transaction._transaction, line 441, in _commitResources
  Module ZODB.Connection, line 679, in tpc_finish
  Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 974, in tpc_finish
  Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 999, in _update_cache
  Module ZEO.cache, line 367, in invalidate AssertionError

Once we try to reinstall, it fails, and we can no longer use CAS. But, if we back out the changes using Undo, it works again.

Here's the debug info for our instances:

# Zope version: (Zope 2.9.8-final, python 2.4.4, openbsd4)
# Python version: 2.4.4 (#1, Aug 29 2007, 09:02:56) [GCC 3.3.5 (propolice)]
# System Platform: openbsd4
# SOFTWARE_HOME: /usr/local/lib/zope/lib/python
# INSTANCE_HOME: /home/zope/instance
# CLIENT_HOME: /home/zope/instance/var
# Process ID: 4165 (1233287168)
# Running for: 1 hour 42 min 22 sec
# sys.path:

Suggestions, new versions of PloneCASLogin, etc. ?


* Adam Getchell, M.S.
* Director of Information Technology
* College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, UC Davis
* acgetchell at ucdavis.edu (530)752-8008
"Invincibility is in oneself, vulnerability in the opponent." -- Sun Tzu

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