[Setup] Upgrade to Plone 2.5 (from 2.1) changed forms

Sue Kientz sue at geodynamics.org
Mon Feb 11 22:38:40 UTC 2008

We recently upgraded to Plone 2.5 (from Plone 2.1) and all seemed  
well after a few glitches were solved (by you kind folks, too.  
thanks). However, today when I went to take a previously published  
Registration Form and make a new version, I noticed all the input  
boxes and checkboxes were missing. I looked at our code, and all was  
undisturbed. Just used dozens of keywords via google and plone.org,  
but can't find anyone addressing this problem. Here's an example of a  
"page" which worked fine before the migration:


Now as you see, no one can submit it because the fill boxes are  
missing. Is this a known bug or have we lost the capability to  
create  forms with pages and need some plug-in (I see several  
touted)? Thanks for any help!

Sue Kientz
Technical Writer/Web Manager
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)
sue at geodynamics.org
ofc: (626) 395-1694
cell: (626) 616-1955
skype: suekientz
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