[Setup] CacheFu problems

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 15:08:12 UTC 2008

Hi Ric,

On Feb 4, 2008 4:28 PM, Ricardo Newbery <ric at digitalmarbles.com> wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2008, at 8:01 AM, deesto wrote:
>    [snip]
> > Please help me to get past these errors and get CacheFu working again?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > ~John
> >
> > [1] http://plone.org/products/cachefu/issues/119
> > [2] http://paste.plone.org/19336
> Is this the same instance where all this crazy stuff happened...
> http://www.nabble.com/problem-upgrading-CacheFu-td14672299s15482.html#a14672299

Yes, indeed: it is the same one.

> It looks like your CacheFu installation is all messed up.
> I believe you've already fixed issue [1] ...  but not before
> incorrectly deleting a bunch of stuff manually...

Unfortunately, [1] wasn't fixed at the time of my original writing.
It's fixed now, though, thanks to the highly-combustible instructions
in your response. ;)

> Then you eventually got to issue [2]...  which appears to suggest that
> you've got an object inside the cache_tool object (a folderish content
> type) that is not a legal content type (hence missing the
> 'portal_type' attribute).  You can probably tweak the template so as
> to not choke on this but this instance is so messed up that a complete
> uninstall sounds in order.

Very likely.  There were only three tabs in the cache configuration
tool configlet, where the current version has five or so.  I knew
something had to be off.

> Which then gets us to issue [3] during an uninstall...  This one is a
> bit of mystery to me.  Something is confusing the quickinstaller.
> Quickinstaller "memorizes" the types that were installed along with a
> product and I'm guessing it's memory is now all messed up.  I'm not
> exactly sure how to fix this but if you poke around in the
> quickinstaller tool in the ZMI, you'll see a 'Contents' tab.  Maybe
> try deleting the cachefu-related stuff in this tab (CMFSquidTool and
> CacheSetup).  Then, again in the ZMI, manually delete the offending
> items at the portal root... probably just 'caching_policy_manager',
> 'portal_cache_settings', and 'portal_squid'.  Then remove the
> 'cache_setup' layer from the active skin definition (/portal_skins/
> manage_propertiesForm) -- don't bother trying to remove the
> cache_setup layer folder itself, this is unimportant.  Now restart and
> hopefully you will now see the CacheSetup product in the uninstalled
> column in the plone_control_panel (or directly in the quickinstaller
> tool).  Cross you fingers and try an install.

I followed your instructions here to the letter, and the only
additional thing I needed to do was to also remove
'cache_prefs_plone20' and 'LanguageToolFlags' layers from the
portal_skins list.  This concerns me a bit, as I am certain these were
in the list of about 8 total layers that I needed to remove during my
original bout with this issue.  However, they were somehow back in the
layer list now, and the pages wouldn't render without errors until I
removed them again.

> Warning:  This is all untested.  Hopefully you've got backups before
> you try anything this crazy.

This *was* crazy indeed!  And I did take a backup beforehand, just in
case.  There was a moment of panic when the first thing I saw after
removing everything and restarting Zope was a rendering error at the
site root, and the basic Zope object icons (folder, file, etc.) went
missing in the ZMI.  But this was fixed immediately after reinstalling
CacheFu in the portal_quickinstaller.

I don't know whether this issue was due to an "operator error" on my
part during the upgrade, or due to the bugs that I encountered, or
maybe a little bit of both?  I'll let you decide.  But everything
CacheFu-related seems to be back to normal at this point.  I greatly
appreciate your troubleshooting ideas.

Thank you,

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