[Setup] CacheFu problems

Ricardo Newbery ric at digitalmarbles.com
Mon Feb 4 21:28:14 UTC 2008

On Feb 4, 2008, at 8:01 AM, deesto wrote:

> I had a bunch of problems moving my 2.5.5 instance to 3.0.5 with  
> CacheFu, and
> I thought I'd fought through most of them.  I reported a possible
> "AttributeError: portal_type" bug [1], and now I've got another  
> problem: I
> can't access the Cache Configuration Tool or any of its tabs without  
> Plone
> throwing an error, such as "Module  
> Products.CacheSetup.content.cache_tool,
> line 168, in getActivePolicyVocabulary" [2].
> In addition, attempts to uninstall CacheFu (hoping for an uninstall  
> and a
> clean re-install) result in an error:


> Please help me to get past these errors and get CacheFu working again?
> Thanks,
> ~John
> [1] http://plone.org/products/cachefu/issues/119
> [2] http://paste.plone.org/19336

Is this the same instance where all this crazy stuff happened...

It looks like your CacheFu installation is all messed up.

I believe you've already fixed issue [1] ...  but not before  
incorrectly deleting a bunch of stuff manually...

Then you eventually got to issue [2]...  which appears to suggest that  
you've got an object inside the cache_tool object (a folderish content  
type) that is not a legal content type (hence missing the  
'portal_type' attribute).  You can probably tweak the template so as  
to not choke on this but this instance is so messed up that a complete  
uninstall sounds in order.

Which then gets us to issue [3] during an uninstall...  This one is a  
bit of mystery to me.  Something is confusing the quickinstaller.   
Quickinstaller "memorizes" the types that were installed along with a  
product and I'm guessing it's memory is now all messed up.  I'm not  
exactly sure how to fix this but if you poke around in the  
quickinstaller tool in the ZMI, you'll see a 'Contents' tab.  Maybe  
try deleting the cachefu-related stuff in this tab (CMFSquidTool and  
CacheSetup).  Then, again in the ZMI, manually delete the offending  
items at the portal root... probably just 'caching_policy_manager',  
'portal_cache_settings', and 'portal_squid'.  Then remove the  
'cache_setup' layer from the active skin definition (/portal_skins/ 
manage_propertiesForm) -- don't bother trying to remove the  
cache_setup layer folder itself, this is unimportant.  Now restart and  
hopefully you will now see the CacheSetup product in the uninstalled  
column in the plone_control_panel (or directly in the quickinstaller  
tool).  Cross you fingers and try an install.

Warning:  This is all untested.  Hopefully you've got backups before  
you try anything this crazy.


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