[Setup] Re: Install and Uninstall RichDocument

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Nov 26 21:16:00 UTC 2007

Chris Chambers wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> You may have hit a bug in the Kupu library tool (or Quickinstaller). Go 
>> to the "Visual editor" control panel in Plone's Site Setup, and edit the 
>> lists of Linkable and Media types. Then try to install.
> I installed 3.0.3 fresh and then my own Theme then RichDocument
> SimpleAttachment using portal_quickintsaller. This all went fine but adding
> a RichDocument then caused an error. SO I then looked at editing the Visual
> Editor as you explained and found that under mediaobject RichDocument was
> not selected. I selected it here and Save.

My point was to make sure that it was *not* selected prior to 
installation. :)

> Still an error when trying to add
> a Rich Document (By the way a search on plone.org for Rich Document does not
> find any reference to your product it has to be RichDocument). Still the
> error so back to quickinstaller and Reinstall but this kicks an error and
> puts you back to a Plone view. Uninstall in quickinstaller and then not an
> option in Visual Editor (obviously?) so I've run out of options. MOST
> annoying is that RichDocument and SimpleAttachment will now not install at
> all. Once I have installed a first time then uninstalled they will not
> install again! How do I get back to square one without uninstalling Plone
> and starting from scratch?

In portal_skins, under Properties, find your theme. Paste the list of 
skin layers (just the contents of the text box). It looks to me like the 
SimpleAttachment and/or RichDocument skin layers have not made it into 
that list.


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