[Setup] Install and Uninstall RichDocument

Chris Chambers chris at cpcengineeringdesign.com
Mon Nov 26 19:39:05 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> You may have hit a bug in the Kupu library tool (or Quickinstaller). Go 
> to the "Visual editor" control panel in Plone's Site Setup, and edit the 
> lists of Linkable and Media types. Then try to install.

I installed 3.0.3 fresh and then my own Theme then RichDocument
SimpleAttachment using portal_quickintsaller. This all went fine but adding
a RichDocument then caused an error. SO I then looked at editing the Visual
Editor as you explained and found that under mediaobject RichDocument was
not selected. I selected it here and Save. Still an error when trying to add
a Rich Document (By the way a search on plone.org for Rich Document does not
find any reference to your product it has to be RichDocument). Still the
error so back to quickinstaller and Reinstall but this kicks an error and
puts you back to a Plone view. Uninstall in quickinstaller and then not an
option in Visual Editor (obviously?) so I've run out of options. MOST
annoying is that RichDocument and SimpleAttachment will now not install at
all. Once I have installed a first time then uninstalled they will not
install again! How do I get back to square one without uninstalling Plone
and starting from scratch?

Error for admin from Plone error page is:
Traceback (innermost last)
#  Module zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplate, line 117, in pt_render
Warning: Macro expansion failed
Warning: exceptions.KeyError: 'macro'
# Module zope.tal.talinterpreter, line 271, in __call__
# Module zope.tal.talinterpreter, line 346, in interpret
#  Module zope.tales.tales, line 696, in evaluate
URL: file:C:\Program Files (x86)\Plone
Line 40, Column 22
Expression: <PythonExpr here.widget(field.getName(), mode='edit')>

{'container': <PloneSite at /Plone>,
 'context': <RichDocument at
/Plone/portal_factory/RichDocument/richdocument.2007-11-27.8807034890 used
for /Plone>,
 'default': ,
 'here': <RichDocument at
/Plone/portal_factory/RichDocument/richdocument.2007-11-27.8807034890 used
for /Plone>,
 'loop': {u'field': <Products.PageTemplates.Expressions.PathIterator object
at 0x08BC8BD0>,
          u'fieldset': <Products.PageTemplates.Expressions.PathIterator
object at 0x08BC8950>},
 'nothing': None,
 'options': {'args': (),
<Products.CMFFormController.ControllerState.ControllerState object at
 'repeat': <Products.PageTemplates.Expressions.SafeMapping object at
 'request': <HTTPRequest,
 'root': <Application at >,
 'template': <FSControllerPageTemplate at /Plone/atct_edit used for
 'traverse_subpath': [],
 'user': <PropertiedUser 'Admin'>}

# Module Products.PageTemplates.ZRPythonExpr, line 49, in __call__
__traceback_info__: here.widget(field.getName(), mode='edit')
# Module PythonExpr, line 1, in <expression>
# Module Products.Archetypes.BaseObject, line 289, in widget
# Module Products.Archetypes.Renderer, line 24, in render
# Module Products.Archetypes.generator.widget, line 147, in __call__

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