[Setup] Plone site viewable in Zope Manager, not on site...

Jeff Albro jalbro at bu.edu
Fri Nov 16 14:28:29 UTC 2007

Thanks Steve.

It turns out I got bit by "case sensitivity"

localhost:8080/Plone works, but localhost:8080/plone doesn't.

Is there a reason that there is no default "object not found, try a 
different name" warning instead of

<Products.Five.metaclass.Plone object at 0xd267e4c>

Is there a way to make it not case sensitive, or should I restrict all 
names to lower case?


Steve McMahon wrote:
> Try checking your event.log file to see what prevented Five from loading.
> You may also try starting Zope in foreground mode. If you installed a 
> "standalone" instance, the command for that will be:
> zinstance/bin/zopectl fg
> starting from your Plone-3.0.3 directory.
> Starting in foreground is a great way to diagnose a problem because Zope 
> will stop on product-load failure.
> And .. by the way, make sure you're using the version of the Unified 
> Installer with "Rev1" in the filename. The earlier version was fouled.

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