[Setup] ImportError: cannot import name utils

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Thu Nov 15 17:16:44 UTC 2007

Two things to check:

1) Plone 3.x requires Zope 2.10.x;

2) Make sure that all the Product files are readable by the user running 

Alexander Vallens wrote:
> I have attempted an upgrade to Plone 3.0.3, albeit unsuccessfully. The zope
> upgrade went well (in fact, in rollback we're running Plone 2.5.2 on zope
> 2.9.6), but when attempting to run Plone 3.0.3, the ZMI reports that Plone
> is broken. A check of the event log reveal many errors, most of which are
> based on the following:
> ERROR Application Could not import XXX
> <snip>
> File "/var/opt/zope/default/Products/CMFPlone/browser/ploneview.py", line
> 12, in ?
>    from Products.CMFPlone import utils
> ImportError: cannot import name utils
> where XXX includes:
> Products.ATContentTypes
> Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow
> Products.CMFPlone
> Products.PloneLanguageTool
> Products.PlonePAS
> I checked and ~/Products/CMFPlone/utils.py & ~/Products/CMFPlone/utils.pyc
> both exist. I'm not sure what the issue may be. Has anyone seen this issue,
> or does anyone know what may be the problem? I will be more than happy to
> provide more of the stacktrace or other log messages as needed.
> Thanks in advance!
> Alexander


Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC
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