[Setup] Problem updating to 3.0.3

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Tue Nov 13 15:58:29 UTC 2007

The initial version of the Unified Installer for Plone 3.0.3 was 
unfortunately laden with a great many "._*" files that caused problems 
on many platforms.

The problem has been fixed, and a new version of the Unified Installer 
uploaded. This one has "Rev1" at the end of the filename.

My apologies for the error. This was the first time I'd rolled up an 
installer in Leopard, and it turns out that Mac OS X 10.5's tar adds 
these files unless you set a special environment variable (a different 
one than in 10.4) to prevent it.


giagio wrote:
> aknoerig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just tried to update to the newest Plone-3.0.3 via the universal
>> installer. Installation process went fine, but when I started the new
>> install, I just got long text starting with "No traversable adapter
>> found".
>> Also, my Data.fs that I copied from the old install, disappeared (luckily
>> I didn't move it).
>> This is what "zopectl fg" returns:
>> # /opt/Plone-3.0.3/zinstance/bin/zopectl fg
>> /opt/Plone-3.0.3/zinstance/bin/runzope -X debug-mode=on
>> 2007-11-11 14:07:35 INFO ZServer HTTP server started at Sun Nov 11
>> 14:07:35 2007
>>         Hostname:
>>         Port: 8080
>> 2007-11-11 14:07:35 INFO Zope Set effective user to "plone"
>> 2007-11-11 14:07:39 INFO Marshall libxml2-python not available. Unable to
>> register libxml2 based marshallers.
>> 2007-11-11 14:07:46 ERROR Application Couldn't install CMFCore
> Hi, 
> I have already terminated a new installation of plone 3.0.3 via universal
> installer on centos 5
> The problem is the same.
> So if someone have any idea will be appreciate
> Thank you


Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC
steve at reidmcmahon.com
steve at dcn.org

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