[Setup] Apache 2.2 rewrite rules

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Wed Nov 7 23:19:45 UTC 2007

On Nov 7, 2007, at 2:33 PM, pacoverde wrote:
> deesto wrote:
>> pacoverde wrote:
>>> Does anyone see anything blatantly wrong with this rewrite rule?
>>> RewriteEngine On
>>> RewriteRule ^/(.*) \
>>> http://localhost:11080/VirtualHostBase/http/www.example.org:80/ 
>>> plone_site/site/VirtualHostRoot/$1
>>> [L,P]
>>> I can access the ZMI directly via the "www.example.org:11080"  
>>> URL, but
>>> just get a 403 Forbidden error when accessing anything at  
>>> www.example.org
>>> or below. I have tried:
>>> RewriteRule ^/(.*) \
>>> http://www.example.org:11080/VirtualHostBase/http/www.example.org: 
>>> 80/plone_site/site/VirtualHostRoot/$1
>>> [L,P]
>> Just a guess, but is there a reason for having both "plone_site" and
>> "site" in the VH path?  Have you tried one or the other (is there a
>> difference?)?  Try just the object name of your Plone site?
> Well, the Plone site's object name, "site" (really, "elaw"), is in  
> a folder
> named "plone_site" (really, "elaw_site".) Trying to access it by  
> using just
> "site" (i.e. just "elaw") fails in the same manner.
> Any other thoughts?

I had the same problem with the VHM. If you are using apache2 (which  
I think you are) try starting from the beginning with my instructions  
rather than trying to debug what you have:


  (this is the alpha version of jamesstroud.com, so don't judge)

James Stroud
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