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bryanbrock bbrock at real.com
Wed Nov 7 19:57:45 UTC 2007

You might try going back to localhost for the hostname and then use
browni at localhost.localdomain with the following line in /etc/hosts:               localhost.localdomain localhost

browni wrote:
> Hello again,
> Here is what I've done to try to implement your suggestions.
> 1. In /etc/sysconfig/network, I set the hostname to test.com and rebooted
> the machine.
> 2. In mail settings, I replaced localhost with test.com and
> browni at localhost with browni at test.com.  I then attempted to send a contact
> e-mail.  It still fails as before.
> 3. I attempted to add a new user so that I could test is as some other
> user than admin.  New user creation fails with the following error.  
>        "Failed to create your account: we were unable to send your
> password to your email address:
>        (-3, 'Temporary failure in name resolution')"
> At this point, I have to ask... does it make any difference that this
> system does not have an active internet connection?  I work in a secure
> military environment, and this system is not allowed be be connected to
> the internet until it has been completely configured, hardened, and
> tested.
> Thanks for your persistence,
> browni.
> darcihanning wrote:
>> Not sure that this will fix your problem but "browni at localhost" is not a
>> complete, valid email address. You will want to specify a fully qualified
>> domain name for the host in your Site "From" address.
>> Also, are you doing this while logged in as (the built-in) admin or as a
>> regular user? If the former, try it as the latter...
>> Cheers,
>> Darci

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