[Setup] Re: Plone 3 & Active Directory Login Behavior.

Eric S. Tyrer II etyrer at york.cuny.edu
Sun Nov 4 00:36:35 UTC 2007


We had this problem with our Plone 3.0.2 AD setup.

I am checking with my colleague on what he exactly did.

In the meantime, check your AD mappings.  Are you getting any errors in 
error log?


In article <13492390.post at talk.nabble.com>,
 JCL <leon at cshl.edu> wrote:

> Environment: 
> Red Hat 4.1.2-12 
> Zope 2.10.4-final, 
> python 2.4.4, 
> python-ldap-2.3.1
> LDAPMultiPlugins-1.5
> LDAPUserFolder-2.8
> Plone-3.0.1 
> Problem description: 
> I have Plone 3 running on CentOS5 successfully bind to Active Directory. I
> can query any AD user, see all its LDAP groups & roles from the ZMI; by
> default AD users have a Plone Member role.  However, users cannot login to
> the Plone site. No error message. All they see after authenticating is:
> “Info | Welcome! You are now logged in.” but in reality they are not. The
> login box still shows up and everything else looks the same as if they were
> an Anonymous user. I thought it was a cookie issue but all cookies are been
> set when passing credentials. I tested it in three separate Plone3
> installations and i get the same issue.
> Is there some other configuration part on the ZMI that I might be missing? I
> followed every step from this page: 
> http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/active-directory-authentication 
> Any help will appreciated. 
> Thank you, 

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