[Setup] Re: Migration from 2.0 to 2.5.3

Sébastien VINOT sebastien.vinot at logisphere.fr
Tue May 29 12:34:11 UTC 2007

Maurits van Rees a écrit :
> Sébastien VINOT, on 2007-05-29:
>> Hello,
>> I'm migrating a 2.0 Plone instance to a 2.5.3. The "speedPack" product 
>> has been installed but now it refuses to be removed. Is there a script 
>> to do this ?
>> Traceback :
> This traceback looks incomplete.  I see no error anywhere.  Maybe
> something got lost while pasting?
> You do not want that speedPack product anymore, right?  Then I would
> first remove that product and then migrate.  Or is that what you are
> already doing?  Then you may want to post again with speedPack in the
> subject and without migration, as then it is no longer a migration
> issue.
> If I misunderstood you, can you say in which order you are doing this?
After investigating (because that was important for me), it was really 
the last "_base_manage_afterClone" that failed for a simple Zope Folder 
named "not_used". I just moved it out of the custom folder and finally I 
was able to remove it.

I tried this way of work (I mean migrating before removing speedPack) 
just because I get a big tarball and I did not prepare an old Zope 2.7.x 
instance :)

Thanks for your time and sorry for my subject.


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