[Setup] Re: Recommended Zope Version for Plone 2.5.3?

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Fri May 25 16:47:58 UTC 2007

On Fri, 25 May 2007 07:53:23 -0700,  
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> A note for the developers -- my group finds this kind of documentation  
> vagueness
> problematic; we have spent too much time chasing down minor or major  
> problems because
> we chose the wrong subversion of Zope as a base. It seems common to be  
> told later by a
> core developer "in the know" that we chose the wrong version of Zope  
> (2.95 instead of 2.96
> for example) because "everybody' knows about this or that particualar  
> nasty bug.

I'd bet that in 90% of these cases, we have discovered the problem after  
the release. The most recent example was the date/time problems in Zope,  
which we didn't know about until after we had shipped that release of  
Plone — and there was also no fixed release of Zope for a while, so there  
wasn't much we could do about it until later.

> A clear indiciation of the recommended Zope version in the "Full release  
> announcement"
> would be most helpful. 2.9.7+ is too vague. If I were a niave user I  
> would choose Zope 2.10.3
> and my intuition tells me that I would have problems because of that  
> choice.

The install text says that 2.10 will not work. Generally, you can never  
use newer major versions of Zope than the one we state are compatible.

The main download page says:

Current release: Plone 2.5.3
Released May 18, 2007 — tested with Zope 2.9, Zope 2.8

…which should clue you in to the fact that Zope 2.10.x is not tested or  

(We do have a bit of a special case with this particular release because  
of the security fixes in a dot release of Zope, so we recommend the 2.9.7  
release to make sure you are protected)

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