[Setup] Re: Recommended Zope Version for Plone 2.5.3?

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Fri May 25 15:27:28 UTC 2007

hpinson at indepthl.com, on 2007-05-25:
> Hello. We are about to migrate to Plone 2.5.3. The release notes say to use 2.9.7+.  Zope 
> 2.10.3 is the latest stable.  What version of Zope is optimal in users experience? Are we safe 
> to use 2.10.3?

In "2.9.7+" only the "7" is meant as a minimum.  So: 2.9.8 etc would
be fine, when they come out.  Maybe this can be phrased better yes.

2.10.something would not be good.  At least I assume that Plone 2.5
will not work on Zope 2.10.  Also not on zope 3.*.

> A note for the developers -- my group finds this kind of
> documentation vagueness problematic; we have spent too much time
> chasing down minor or major problems because we chose the wrong
> subversion of Zope as a base. It seems common to be told later by a
> core developer "in the know" that we chose the wrong version of Zope
> (2.95 instead of 2.96 for example) because "everybody' knows about
> this or that particualar nasty bug.

It *does* help to keep an eye on various mailing lists.  And some
compatibility issues will only be found out after a Plone tar file has
been made.

> A clear indiciation of the recommended Zope version in the "Full
> release announcement" would be most helpful. 2.9.7+ is too vague. If
> I were a niave user I would choose Zope 2.10.3 and my intuition
> tells me that I would have problems because of that choice.

Maybe zope 2.10 or zope 3.* is mentioned in the plone install docs as
not working.  At least it would improve clarity to add this.

Can you open a bug report in the plone issue tracker?


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