[Setup] Looking for Plone 1.0rc1

Jose L. Ayala jayala at die.upm.es
Tue May 22 12:07:43 UTC 2007

Hi everyone!

I'm really new in all these topics regarding Plone, so I'll try to do my
best on explaining my problem :)

I had an old web server running Plone 1.0rc1 on a Debian machine which
crashed one week ago. I made a backup of the Data.fs before setting up a
new machine, but I'm not able to make it work. The updating process give
me several errors and doesn't complete the upgrade from my old version.
I would like to install the same version I had to recover the web server
as soon as possible (users are already complaining :)

Where could I find the package or the source code for the Plone 1.0rc1

Thanks a lot!


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