[Setup] Re: vocabulary_factory and migration to Plone 3 b3

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu May 10 21:36:16 UTC 2007

Steve Rauch wrote:
> I have a site that actually started back before Plone 1.0. I just
> helped migrate it to Plone 2.5.2 and wanted to see what happens in Plone 
> 3. I moved the Data.fs to a unified installer setup of Plone 3 beta 3.
> I got the site to show up and migrate, but my own content types do not
> show up in Plone (they are in ZMI), and the folder icon fails to show up 
> in the navigation. As I have tried to clear and rebuild catalog, or even 
> take a known content item, append /edit, and then try to save, I keep 
> getting vocabulary_factory errors like this:

> AttributeError: vocabulary_factory

I just checked in a fix to AT which should fix this:


Can you test with that patch/AT svn trunk?

> Any hints on this particular problem. Also, would it just be better to
> rewrite these Products along the lines of Martin's recent blog post on
> borg.project..

borg.project is an experiment in AT-less content, and if it's useful to 
you, use it or steal from it. However, there are several things 
(references, transforms, kupu, various widgets, various developers' 
features) which you only get with AT. AT is still very much the de-facto 
way of creating content types, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Rewriting products seems drastic. Maybe fun, but drastic. :)


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