[Setup] Re: to remove the "logged in" in the member section

Reinout van Rees reinoutvanrees at gmail.com
Wed May 9 15:30:13 UTC 2007

On Apr 30, 3:07 am, "Rachel Hernández Pumarejo"
<rhernan... at centro.eap.edu> wrote:
> > When a member is logged in, their name is shown, along with other
> > preferences. In those preferences, there is a link that goes before log
> > out that's logged in. It's redundant and I would like to remove it but I
> > don't know where at the ZMI or the Plone Site this is done. I already
> > checked the portal settings, the navigation settings, the member
> > properties (on the Plone Site), and the acl_users folder at the ZMI.

a) this is the setup list, not the list for generic plone questions.

b) Those kind of items normally come from actions. In the ZMI look at
acl_users' actions tab.


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