[Setup] Re: View permission lost after migration to 2.5

Ed Eddington ed at internethut.com
Fri Jun 29 13:53:55 UTC 2007

In article <op.tuag500yvhba00 at -emo> "Alexander
Limi"<limi at plone.org> wrote:

>  On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 06:26:42 -0700, Ed Eddington
> <ed at internethut.com> wrote:
>>   This problem may be related to workflow. The _View_Permission that
>> is reset during migration appears to be set to the object's
>> published workflow state. However, in our case, we have a workflow
>> script that is supposed to run before/after the publish transition
>> to preserve the _View_Permission. Can anyone clarify what workflow
>> related updates are done during a migration (are objects
>> "published", or "retracted and republished", etc.)? It appears as if
>> _View_Permission is simply being reset to the permissions defined in
>> the workflow state - WITHOUT running the transition scripts.

>  This is how workflows work. Never set permissions manually outside
> of  workflow states. They will be reset to what the state specifies.
>  (unless I misunderstood what you're explaining above)

Yes. I realized the problem was a result of the voodoo we are doing in
our workflow (we implemented before/after workflow scripts to adjust
view permission for our 5 custom roles - instead of having a workflow
state for every possible combination of view permissions). It has
worked fine as long as workflow states arn't reset without running the
scripts. We will be revising this scheme using Local Roles and a
single custom role.
The problem that led us to this implementation was the difficulty in
restricting anonymous view permission for content. In order to achieve
this with workflow, you need a separate published workflow state that
doesn't "aquire" the anon view permission from the parent. Without
local roles in Plone 2.0 we chose to roll our own.


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