[Setup] Re: View permission lost after migration to 2.5

Ed Eddington ed at internethut.com
Thu Jun 21 13:26:42 UTC 2007

This problem may be related to workflow. The _View_Permission that is
reset during migration appears to be set to the object's published
workflow state. However, in our case, we have a workflow script that
is supposed to run before/after the publish transition to preserve the
_View_Permission. Can anyone clarify what workflow related updates are
done during a migration (are objects "published", or "retracted and
republished", etc.)? It appears as if _View_Permission is simply being
reset to the permissions defined in the workflow state - WITHOUT
running the transition scripts.

In article <nemoTue061207084043 at news.gmane.org> Ed
Eddington<ed at internethut.com> wrote:

>  Migrating Plone site from 2.0.5 to 2.5.2.
>  Our site has custom roles
>  and restricts View permission on some objects. After migration, I
> noticed that object View permissions have not been preserved. I
> haveverified this in the debugger:
>>>>   i._View_Permission

>  ('Manager', 'Ph_Member')
>  This object's View permissions are not
>  acquired, and only Manager and Member (custom role) have view
>  permission.
>>>>   i._View_Permission 
>  ['Manager']
>  This object
>  acquires View permission from parent.
>  Is this expected? Some objects
>  *do* have View permission preserved. It seems to affect objects with
> View permission assigned to our custom roles. What things might
> beinvolved in causing this?
>  Another interesting note:
>  None of the
>  objects with custom View permission seem to be indexed in
> portal_catalog before the migration. (They did not appear in queries
> even after clearing and rebuilding the catalog. They do appear
> incatalog after migration.) Should this matter?
>  Thanks!
>  Ed
>  Eddington
>  Priority Health


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