[Setup] unauthorised method in folder path

Ben Kingston ben.kingston at pgs.com
Tue Jun 12 09:43:34 UTC 2007

I have a folder-based content type called "Project", with a method 
"getProject" which simply returns the title of the Project.
I use a portlet to display items related to the current "Project"; this 
portlet calls "here/getProject".
This portlet is displayed on any child Folders in the path below the 

My problem is that if there is a Folder in the path (between the current 
Folder and the parent Project) that is private, then the call to getProject 
results in:
    "Not authorized to access binding: context "


When viewing FolderB, with FolderA private, the portlet called FolderB gives 
the error. Publishing FolderA avoids the error.

What is the best way of preventing the private folder from blocking the 
getProject method's call to find the title of the (grand)parent folderish 
"Project" container?

(Using Plone 2.5.2)

Many thanks,

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