[Setup] newbie q's about groups: indexing and member services

neil.mcevoy at enterprise-2.net neil.mcevoy at enterprise-2.net
Mon Jun 4 07:29:53 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

Plone newbie here, and having read through much documentation am still
struggling with a couple of basic CMS points. Any links to articles I
should read etc much appreciated.

The first main one is around groups and indexing. I'd like to use some
form of sub-community on the site for 'expert groups', where membership
is restricted to e.g. 'Plone Experts', and is thus a controlled source
of eg relevant blogs, news, offers an RSS feed, is a menu option for
content navigation, has its own banner homepage etc., and ideally has
some private project tools like an email discussion list,
'plone-experts at domain.com', and so on. 

Firstly, I see there is a number of Group/Project tools (GRUF, b-org
etc.) and am wondering if one of these is the best option, and secondly
I'd like them to operate as a form of content indexing. An author writes
a blog 'Best hosting for Plone', which is thus relevant to 'Plone
experts' but also 'Hosting services', a different expert group they are
also a member of. They should be able to 'index' the article with
membership to both of these groups so that it appears in each.

Lastly, I'd ideally like this to enable services permissions. Ie
Bloggers is also an expert group, and you have to be a member to have
access to post blogs.

Many thanks in advance for any advice on different approaches for how to
achieve this model, or closest to it..

Regards, Neil.

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