[Setup] Re: Any modification to zope styles does nothing

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Fri Jun 1 09:45:55 UTC 2007

On Jun 1, 2007, at 12:08 AM, Alexander Limi wrote:

> From what I read, you didn't mention whether you were in debug mode  
> inside portal_css (there's a checkbox at the top).
> Double check that first. :)

Strangely enough, I get the following (cut-and-pasted) text in the  
plone_control_panel page:

   """Note: You are running in "debug mode". This mode is intended  
for sites that are under development. This allows many configuration  
changes to be immediately evident, but will make your site run more  
slowly. To turn off debug mode, edit your zope.conf file to say  
'debug-mode off' — then restart the server process."""

However, the check box you mention is not checked. I'm not sure what  
the difference could be.

Further examination of the page reveals that ploneCustom.css is  
listed last, suggesting that style sheet precedence runs top of the  
page (lower) to bottom of the page (higher), consistent with myriad  
pages on the web...

=== several seconds elapse ===

I have now made certain that all boxes are checked on the page...

=== a couple more seconds elapse ===

> Also, do template changes show up? Try customizing document_view  
> and put in some sample text, for instance.

I just restarted the plone instance after writing the above paragraph  
and my changes (horribly ugly) have taken affect (hurray!).

Is this an issue with the cache? I found instructions on how to empty  
the plone cache but I could not figure out how to translate these  
instructions to plone 2.5.

Thank you again,


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