[Setup] Re: Migration from Plone 2.1.2. to Plone 2.5.3

Zanotti Michele Michele.Zanotti at apss.tn.it
Fri Jun 1 07:38:20 UTC 2007

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> Yes, something goes wrong in the PlonePAS install while 
> updating local role assignments.  But why?  You could search 
> for the string 'atoi' in the member and groups search form 
> and in the search form of the site. Maybe a strange username 
> or some content is in the way.  That would surprise me though.

Thank you again Maurits,
(and all helped me). With your suggestions I have first searched the
"atoi" string in user/gruops and with the search folder without result,
then I have added (don't blame me, i am a very rough programmer) a
"print o.id" at line 180 of PluggableAuthService\extension\upgrade.py
and in debug mode I have found the problematic folder (or files in the
folder, I didn't investigate deeper): it isn't important so I dropped
it. The strange thing (for me) is that this folder is not in the Plone
site, it is a Zope Folder, and it didn't seem anyway corrupted. I can't
say if this folder was imported with a zexp, as M. Killerich suggested.

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