[Setup] Upgrade 3.0RC1 to 3.0RC2

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Tue Jul 31 15:18:50 UTC 2007

1) Stop your old, RC1 install;

2) rename your old install;

3) Install RC2;

4) Copy any products you installed in RC1 into similar locations in the 
RC2 install;

5) Copy the Data.fs from your old install over the Data.fs in your new 

6) Start your new, RC2 install; visit your Plone site root via the ZMI 
and use portal_migration to migrate your data from RC1 to RC2.

rgunther wrote:
> Is there any documented process on upgrading from RC1 to RC2?  I installed
> RC1 a few days ago, and see that RC2 is now available.  Attempting to do a
> standard install, it complains there is already a copy installed.


Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC
steve at reidmcmahon.com
steve at dcn.org

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