[Setup] Installing on CentOS

Larry Pitcher unclelarry at columbiainet.com
Mon Jul 16 17:52:46 UTC 2007

originalbryan wrote:
> Installation on CentOS 5.0 seems to go without a problem. After running
> ./zeocluster/bin/startcliuster.sh I can't access the manage page. Just to
> make sure I wasn't doing something stupid, I installed Plone on my Ubuntu
> laptop. Set the port-base to 1000 in client1 and client2 config files, and I
> was able to go right to the manage page.
> So, following the same installation procedure on 2 machines, Ubuntu works
> and CentOS does not. Other than the difference in distribution, is that the
> laptop is local and the CentOS machine is remote (about 5 feet away). I
> tried setting the http server address line in the client config files as
> "address" and "address" and also the
> address line in zeo.conf as "address". Nothing works so
> far. The reason for the port base offset is that the server runs tomcat.


Since the CentOS box is being accessed remotely, I'd suspect firewall 
issues. I haven't loaded CentOS 5 yet, so I can't tell you what it does 
in the area of security out of the box. This is just a wild (although 
somewhat educated) guess.

Larry Pitcher

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