[Setup] Re: Plone in IE 7.0

Nick Davis nd51 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Jul 5 08:16:07 UTC 2007

Dean_Bacas at pal.com.ph wrote:
> Thanks Nick for the reply.
> Further inquiry, besides using a lower version of Plone, in our case we 
> used few add-on products in our site --- ZFloatMenu and CPanel (Content 
> Panel)...im not sure if those add-ons need to be re-coded too for it to 
> work properly with the IE 7.0? or is there a need to adjust the add-on 
> versions if we are to upgrade our Plone version? Again, thank you.

   You didn't say which lower version of Plone you have. However, if its 
earlier than 2.1, there are many reasons why you should upgrade soon 
anyway. I just googled for ZFloatMenu and it looks old. I don't know 
much about ZFloatMenu -maybe the functionality it provides is now core 
in later version of Plone, because that would explain how it doesn't 
seem to be used by many people anymore. Someone else might comment on this.
   In general, when you upgrade Plone, you have to look at the product 
page on plone.org for all 3rd-party products you have (unless they are 
zope products in which case check zope.org against your new zope 
version) and see what version they are tested against. Sometimes even if 
it only says tested against version x it will still work on x+1 but you 
have to look on the newsgroups to see who is using it.
   It sounds to me like you need to migrate Plone to a later version and 
that would solve a number of problems besides IE7. This may be 
complicated if latest versions of ZFloatMEnu & CPanel don't work with 
that, or you may be lucky. The best way to know is to try it out. In the 
worst case scenario you might have to change some things so as not to 
depend on those particular 3rd-party products.
   This newsgroup , plone setup, is connected with installing and 
upgrading Plone. Don't forget also plone-users, which has more traffic 
for answers to some other specific questions you might have.

Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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