[Setup] Re: Problem Creating and Editing pages

Nick Davis nd51 at leicester.ac.uk
Mon Jan 29 16:40:02 UTC 2007

Ian Ball wrote:

>>Did you make sure, for cleanliness, that the var directory in zope was 
>>empty when you copied Data.fs back?  Make sure you don't leave an old 
>>index hanging around for example - let zope rebuild the index.
> I didn't realise that I had to do this - I just replaced Data.fs.  What about
> the other files in the var directory, like Data.fs.tmp, Z2.lock, etc?  Is it
> best to delete these as well, and start again with just Data.fs in the var
> directory?
Exactly. Delete the lot. Thats the best way. Because none of those are 
relevant any more if you're going to a different copy of Data.fs
BTW an obvious comment, but make sure your zope process (or multiple 
zope processes + zeo) are all shut down while doing this...

> The only reason I was trying to do this is that ATContentTypes was showing up 
> as broken.  When I tried to reinstall, I got that error.  I have sort of fixed 
> it
> now - I edited the Install.py script that it was complaining about, and 
> commented out the statement that it was falling over at. 
This fix sounds slightly scary to me. ;-)
Maybe I'm pedantic but I'd be a little worried about the integrity of 
your site....

> installed with no errors, and now I can edit my pages and create content again
> :)  I know this is an ugly hack, but it works.  There must be a better way
> though.
I think you ought to try again with an empty var directory and see if 
the ATContentTypes error goes away 'cos it shouldn't have happened and 
is a bit worrying.

Good luck :-) ,

Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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