[Setup] Re: Problem Creating and Editing pages

Ian Ball ian.a.ball at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:17:39 UTC 2007

Nick Davis <nd51 at ...> writes:

> Did you make sure, for cleanliness, that the var directory in zope was 
> empty when you copied Data.fs back?  Make sure you don't leave an old 
> index hanging around for example - let zope rebuild the index.

I didn't realise that I had to do this - I just replaced Data.fs.  What about
the other files in the var directory, like Data.fs.tmp, Z2.lock, etc?  Is it
best to delete these as well, and start again with just Data.fs in the var

> Did you make sure you wiped out your current Products entirely before 
> putting Products back? (and not mistakenly copy it over stuff already there)
> Make sure you have zope in debug mode and see what it pukes on on startup.
> You shouldn't need to be trying to reinstall ATContentTypes. That will 
> have been installed originally so if you truly recreated the state 
> Data.fs & Products were in you shouldn't have to touch it. I don't like 
> the sound of that. 

The only reason I was trying to do this is that ATContentTypes was showing up 
as broken.  When I tried to reinstall, I got that error.  I have sort of fixed 
now - I edited the Install.py script that it was complaining about, and 
commented out the statement that it was falling over at.  ATContentTypes
installed with no errors, and now I can edit my pages and create content again
:)  I know this is an ugly hack, but it works.  There must be a better way
Thanks for your help

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