[Setup] Re: Problem Creating and Editing pages

Nick Davis nd51 at leicester.ac.uk
Mon Jan 29 09:59:54 UTC 2007

Ian Ball wrote:
> After some more investigation, it appears that the ATContentTypes product is
> broken.  When I try to install it, I get the following error: 

This is very strange and shouldn't happen, and I have many times, on an 
identical platform to you, done exactly what you say you did - take a 
copy of Data.fs, and take a copy of the Products directory, then later 
move them both back.

Did you make sure, for cleanliness, that the var directory in zope was 
empty when you copied Data.fs back?  Make sure you don't leave an old 
index hanging around for example - let zope rebuild the index.

Did you make sure you wiped out your current Products entirely before 
putting Products back? (and not mistakenly copy it over stuff already there)

Make sure you have zope in debug mode and see what it pukes on on startup.

You shouldn't need to be trying to reinstall ATContentTypes. That will 
have been installed originally so if you truly recreated the state 
Data.fs & Products were in you shouldn't have to touch it. I don't like 
the sound of that. ;-)

In the worst case, how about simply build a new zope instance and copy 
your backed up Data.fs to it?


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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