[Setup] Re: accent on Plone with ldap problem

Nick Davis nd51 at leicester.ac.uk
Fri Jan 19 15:20:00 UTC 2007

> Large sites require LDAP or SQL PAS plugins and we
> need champions to battle test this before or very soon after Plone
> releases. If I had the time or capacity I certainly would, and I guess
> if somebody else had time they would too. Unfortunately, it still hurts
> people's perception of Plone if something as important as LDAP is
> broken.

I completely agree with this, and I did some testing with LDAP  /2.5 
early on.
See :


I ground to a halt, however, because when asking info on plone-users, I 
and many other people got insufficient or no answers. I don't know who 
originally wrote PlonePAS but there's some giant gap in documentation. 
If the original authors don't do documentation its hard for the rest of 
us to write further docs, if we can't get it to work properly due to 
lack of docs in the first place.

When we have time to throw at it we will get it working and I can blog 
more, although we may skip 2.5 entirely and go straight to 3.0 later.

Its not exactly true to say that Plone "plays well with others" when 
such problems exist with LDAP.

The real issue is the original authorsof PlonePAS, and/or people that 
decided to put this in a release, need to give the rest of us some basic 
info / docs so that we can "take it and run with it" (to use an 
obnoxious sporting metaphor. ;-)  )


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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