[Setup] Re: accent on Plone with ldap problem

Carlos Bravo cbravoa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 20:48:43 UTC 2007

Hi, i've tried the three solutions posted here:
1- Changing code in utils.py <- didn't work
2- Changing the encoding in utils.py from 'latin1' to 'utf-8' <-didn't work
3- Using a "sitecustomize.py"  with setting a default encoding for python... 
<-didn't work either :(

I'm still making test for getting more info.
Actually I'm running Plone 2.5.1 in zope 2.9.x, and the LDAP plugin works 
great except for the encoding detail. It does the authentication, saves the 
user data, adds new users, does the roles mappings, etc...

Thanks for your time. If there is anything that I can help, just tell me.

Carlos B.

"Luca Olivetti" <luca at wetron.es> escribió en 
el mensaje news:45AF29F8.3030103 at wetron.es...
> En/na Alexander Limi ha escrit:
>> CC'ing plone-dev.
>> Can anybody take a look at this? It's pretty silly that we can't have
>> names in LDAP with non-ASCII characters. We're supposed to be *the*
>> multilingual CMS, and although this is not something we include with 
>> Plone
>> itself, it is running on plone.org. :)
> I don't remember if it was because of this problem or something else
> (there were soooooo many problems with ldap and then everything changed
> again with plonepas that it wasn't funny, I don't know the situation
> nowadays, sorry, I can't keep up) but in LDAPUserFolder, utils.py, among
> other things, I had to change
> encoding = 'latin1'
> to
> encoding = 'utf-8'
> Bye
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