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hpinson at indepthl.com hpinson at indepthl.com
Sun Jan 14 05:43:31 UTC 2007

>> plone.org is running 2.1.x.

Interesting.. I have three independent people confirming the stack 
overflow message on both our site and when visiting plone.org.  One 
has office 2003 and two do not.  Two are on IE 6 and one (may) be on 
IE 7 (having a hard time determining this).  Whatever it is, it is 
client side.  Nothing obvious shows up in Javascript traces that we 
can see.

This maybe more widespread than you are aware of.

One thing we tried was to replace sarissa.js with the latest version, 
but still get the error.  I'm not sure I did this right, as sarissa 
seems to live in more than one place.

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