[Setup] re: Stack Overflow

hpinson at indepthl.com hpinson at indepthl.com
Sat Jan 13 16:59:14 UTC 2007

Hi Alex.  Just upgraded from Plone 2.5.1 to 2.5.2rc1 as you suggested 
and we (Rose and some other folks) are still getting the "Stack 
overflow at line: 0" error.  

They also get this when the browse to Plone.org

All these users have IE 6 (i'm not clear what sub version) and may or 
may not have Office 2003.  They are not using IE7.  

I think there is still an issue and I am at a loss. 

As Rose said, in our envonment, a message that says Stack Overflow is 
very bad politically. We need to get it solved, and Rose is able to 

Any pointers where to look?

Any suggestions who we can contract with to get to the bottom of 

Harlow Pinson
Indepth Learning
Email: hpinson at indepthl.com
Phone: 505 994-2135
Fax: 505 994-3603

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