[Setup] Zope/Plone on dual load balanced servers

Erik Jorgensen erikj at sci.utah.edu
Fri Dec 28 19:26:36 UTC 2007


Our web server configuration uses two identical servers that are load
balanced so requests are randomly sent to either machine.  All content files
are kept on a separate disc array which both servers point to. We also have
a separate MySQL database server that they both point to. Since both
machines point to the same database and disc array for content it appears
like a single machine to outside users.

Looking at how this will effect the installation of Zope/Plone, I'm not
quite sure how to install these services on the servers so that all the
content and dynamic files are kept on the file server. Have any of you
installed Zope and Plone on a configuration like this? If so, could you
describe which parts of the installation would need to be installed on both
of the servers and which parts could be put on the file server that they
both point to?


Erik J

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