[Setup] MySQL database having userfields deleted on updates

garyk garyk at skilltran.net
Thu Dec 20 23:20:07 UTC 2007

garyk wrote:
> Hi All,
> I installed SQLPASPlugin and configured a MySQL database to work with it. 
> The database accepts updates, Plone reads roles and sets permissions for
> the users just fine from it, but when I update a user's role from within
> User and Group Administration it is dropping the data in the password and
> email fields in the database.  
> Looking at /portal_skins/plone_prefs/user_prefs_manage and the actual sql
> queries that Plone uses to communicate with the database inside acl_users
> it looks as if it's possible that this behavior could be coming from
> either place, or a combination of the two as the update sql queries use
> insert statements and user_prefs_manage script sets user attributes to
> equal member attributes and I don't know if Plone is still storing, or
> looking, in the ZODB on these updates.  Or, there is a third option, and
> that's that my suppositions are completely wrong.   
> I'm having trouble just finding what does what as I'm so new to both Zope
> and Plone so I could easily be missing some important aspect of this.  
> Could someone either point me to documentation on this or educate me a
> little here?  I'd sure appreciate it.  
> TIA,
> Gary

I forgot to add I'm using Zope 2.9.8 and Plone 2.5.2 from Debian Sid
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