[Setup] plone with apache 1.3.34

otrcomm otrcomm at isp-systems.net
Thu Nov 23 22:18:02 UTC 2006


i hope this isn't a double post, but i never saw this message show up in the list when i posted it earlier.

i just got plone installed on a fedora core 5 server that does not have x-windows installed, so my only access to localhost is via
lynx.  i need some help getting zope/plone setup to run under apache 1.3.34 (both ports 80 and 443).

i started the daemons with '/opt/Plone-2.5/zeocluster/bin/startcluster.sh' and when i lynx to http://localhost:8080, i get the "Zope
Quick Start" welcome screen, so i assume zope/plone is basically installed properly.

i am currently using phpwebsite on a domain, http://www.montessoriconnections.com, and i would like to setup a  virtual domain,
http://plone.montessoriconnections.com, to start migrating the site over to plone.

i found a tutorial about setting up plone/zope to run under apache 2, http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/plone-apache, but i do
not know enough about apache 2 to translate the instructions to apache 1.3.34.

could someone point me to a tutorial for apache 1.3.34, or help me with the setup?


murrah boswell

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