[Setup] IE6 Browser errors/support with Plone 2.5.1 (Stack overflow at line 0)

Pierre-Yves Landuré py.landure at dorigo.fr
Mon Nov 20 09:14:41 UTC 2006


i've just got a report of the same problem on the site :
For the moment i've no informations on the version of Internet Explorer
used... But this is not a isolated problem.

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Marc Van Coillie a écrit :
> Hello,
> I've just migrated our plone instances on Plone2.5.1 and one of my
> colleagues can't access them using her IE 6 browser (IE6.0.29 on
> Windows XP), she's got this error message:
> Stack overflow at line 0
> She has done a test with www.plone.org and she's got the same error.
> She has deleted all the cookies and IE temp files but with no success
> (Firefox connection from her PC works well).
> It seems that there is an error somewhere (in the CSS ?), other PCs
> with IE6 works fine, that's very bizarre...
> Does anyone know how to solve this issue (a specific settings in IE) ?
> Can it be related to a specific JVM or other MS library (related to MS
> Office, a service pack ??)
> Regarding other browser tests, for Safari/Mac and some other IE6 users
> we need to delete the cookies to login properly and maintain the login
> from one page to an another.
> We don't have this error with Plone2.5 nor on Plone2.1.4...
> Marc
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