[Setup] IE6 Browser errors/support with Plone 2.5.1 (Stack overflow at line 0)

Marc Van Coillie marc.van.coillie at eife-l.org
Mon Nov 20 09:02:04 UTC 2006

I've just migrated our plone instances on Plone2.5.1 and one of my 
colleagues can't access them using her IE 6 browser (IE6.0.29 on Windows 
XP), she's got this error message:
Stack overflow at line 0
She has done a test with www.plone.org and she's got the same error.
She has deleted all the cookies and IE temp files but with no success 
(Firefox connection from her PC works well).
It seems that there is an error somewhere (in the CSS ?), other PCs with IE6 
works fine, that's very bizarre...
Does anyone know how to solve this issue (a specific settings in IE) ?
Can it be related to a specific JVM or other MS library (related to MS 
Office, a service pack ??)

Regarding other browser tests, for Safari/Mac and some other IE6 users we 
need to delete the cookies to login properly and maintain the login from one 
page to an another.

We don't have this error with Plone2.5 nor on Plone2.1.4...


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