[Setup] Re: Re: Migration Plone 2.1.4 to Plone 2.5.1

Marc Van Coillie marc.van.coillie at eife-l.org
Mon Nov 20 08:30:24 UTC 2006

Hello, I'm responding to myself, here the steps I've followed to migrate 
properly from 2.1.4 to 2.5.1 (and using PlonePas1.3 before to move to 
Plone2.5.1 and PlonePas2.1):

- Installing PlonePas 1.3 on Plone2.1 is not so easy, please follow this 
tips to modify some files in PlonePas 1.3 
http://plone.org/products/plonepas/issues/15 (I've used these releases of 
the products, except for PasswordResetTool, I've used the last one 0.4.1).
- Before to install PlonePas 2.1, take a look at your member-metadata, I've 
suppressed all unused metadata (related to deprecated products like 
CMFBoard), as well as all metadata using Lines type, all metadata using 
selection have been changed to string.
- Backup your data.fs database (of course)
- Install PlonePas (try to login and search in the Members section to see if 
everything is correct)
After that move your Data.fs in a zope instance with Plone2.5.1 and all the 
other products you are using and that's it.
I've just need to delete the plone login portlet related to my skin in order 
to use the plone default one.

To see if the memberdata are migrated correclty (and also before migration 
to see all metadata not really used) I'm using a very simple script (but 
very usefull in my case):

from Products.PythonScripts.standard import html_quote
request = container.REQUEST
print "User Name;location;occupation;interests;timezone"
for m in context.portal_membership.listMembers():
     print "%s;" %m.getUserName(),"%s;" %m.getProperty('location'),"%s;" 
%m.getProperty('occupation'),"%s;" %m.getProperty('interests'),"%s;" 
return printed

(of course replace here the property by the property you want to see)

Hope this can help somebody else.

> Hi,
> I've reached to do the migration (my error was due to some specific
> properties in my portal_memberdata).
> FYI, it seems that for Plone2.5/PlonePAS migration/installation :
> - an empty (null) memberdata property can't work with it (so in that case
> use a default value in the portal_memberdata property seems to solve this)
> - the same with a 'multipleselection' property (the only way I've found is
> to delete this property before to run the migration)
> Anyway after my migration I've seen that the ACL_Users referenced all my
> previous users but the portal_memberdata section claims that there is no
> member stored in my site, is it normal ???
> It seems not cause when I try to login I've got this error message:
> Type de l'erreur
>  TypeError
>  Valeur de l'erreur
>  iteration over non-sequence
>  Requête envoyée au serveur le
>  2006/11/14 08:12:51.483 GMT+1
> Any ideas ?
> Will it be better to install PlonePas 1.3 in my existing Plone2.1 portal 
> and
> after that doing the migration to Plone 2.5 ???
> Does anyone have tried this (migration from PlonePas1.3 to PlonePas 2) ?
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Marc

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