[Setup] Problems with Plone Installation on OpenBSD 4.0

Mr. Sun temporaryplone at arcor.de
Sat Nov 18 08:43:59 UTC 2006


I installed Zope on OpenBSD 4.0 yesterday.
Now i'm trying to install Plone which didn't (?) work out.
So here's what i did:

First i tried to compile Zope by source via the ports system which
failed because of needed X-Libaries for the tk-compilation. Anyway,
the resolution and compilation of port depencies gave me a running
python which i symlinked with the following commands:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/python2.4 /usr/local/bin/python
ln -s /usr/local/bin/pydoc2.4  /usr/local/bin/pydoc

Afterwards, i successfully installed python-expat and expat via the
packages system. Packages are:

python-expat-2.4.3p0.tgz   ...which depends on
expat 2.0.0.tgz

without the python-expat i wasn't possible to start the zopectl via
the terminal at a later point (mean after successful install of zope).

I installed Zope 2.8.6-final.tgz via the package system which automatically
sets up a user & group for _zope and gave me the following output on my  

--- zope-2.8.6p0 -------------------
This package uses the INSTANCE_HOME installation method, as described at
http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/instancehome.  This allows you to install  
Zope package once and create as many sites as you want without changing  
core Zope installation.

Have a look at /usr/local/lib/zope/doc/README.OpenBSD
to see how to create your instance and have it start at boot time.

In README.OpenBSD is the first problem i got. It says:

In this document we'll see how to create a zope instance and have it
start at boot time. Throughout this document, we will assume that the
instance you want will be located in /var/www under the name of 'zope'.
Our instance will thus be /var/www/zope.

1) Creating your instance

  - run /usr/local/lib/zope/bin/mkzopeinstance.py to create your instance:

    # /usr/local/lib/zope/bin/mkzopeinstance.py
    Please choose a directory in which you'd like to install
    Zope "instance home" files such as database files, configuration
    files, etc.

    Directory: /var/www/zope
    Please choose a username and password for the initial user.
    These will be the credentials you use to initially manage
    your new Zope instance.

    Username: zopeadmin
    Verify password:

  - as we want to run our instance(s) with the _zope user, we should
    grant him the rights on the log/ and var/ directories.

    # chown _zope /var/www/zope/{log,var}

As far as i have read the documentation of plone, the mkzopinstancy.py
shouldn't be executed as root. I did it at a first installation of zope,
but after reading the docs on plone.org i removed the whole package which
deleted all files installed by itself and reinstalled the whole zope pkg.

so i did it run mkzopeinstance.py as an unprivileged user, but not as the
www (which is default for apache on OpenBSD) or _zope user.

I was able to install it and to gain access to the websurface.
Here is my Zope Control Panel Info:

Zope Version 	(Zope 2.8.6-final, python 2.4.3, openbsd4)
Python Version 	2.4.3 (#1, Aug 31 2006, 18:24:01) [GCC 3.3.5 (propolice)]
System Platform 	openbsd4
SOFTWARE_HOME 	/usr/local/lib/zope/lib/python
ZOPE_HOME 		/usr/local/lib/zope
INSTANCE_HOME 	/var/www/zope
CLIENT_HOME 	/var/www/zope/var
Network Services 	ZServer.HTTPServer.zhttp_server (Port: 8080)

So afterwards, i downloaded the Plone-2.0.5 Tarball and extracted it in my
working directory. After downloading the additional needed ...


- I replaced Five in the Extraction-Dir with the downloaded Five-1.2.6
- compiled jpegsrc and put the compiled files to my  
- compiled Imaging-1.1.5 with jpg and png support, mv'd the dir to  
extracted Plone2.0.5/
- extracted zlib-1.2.3 and mv'd the dir to extracted Plone2.0.5/
- extracted elementree-1.2.6* and mv'd the dir to extracted Plone2.0.5/

Following the Readme i moved the directories under Plone2.0.5/ to my
$INSTANCE_HOME/Products directory and restarted Zope. Actually, i do have
Plone-specific Products like BTreeFolder2 or Plone Language Tool in my  
but no "Add Plone Site".

Zope gave me a big error log which i added under  

My /var/www/zope directory is listed in  

Further Questions:

- Am i right here? Or is this more a zope problem? (Anyway i think the  
problems are my fault ;)

Any Advices welcome!

Thanx in Advance,

Mr. Sun

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