R: [Setup] Problem with members search after migration to 2.5.1

Zanotti Michele Michele.Zanotti at apss.tn.it
Thu Nov 16 12:38:46 UTC 2006

>It appears this issue has something to do with properties on 
>users not being found, I can do a search in the ZMI acl_users 
>not a problem, but something in the membership data I think is 
>breaking stuff when calling via plone tools etc, 
Thank you, Dave. With your suggestion and a little script I have found the corrupted (?) user (well, I have only 30 users):
Deleted him in zmi, i can search the others in Plone users overview.
This is the script:

memberIdList = context.portal_membership.listMemberIds()
for memberId in memberIdList:
return str(corrupted)

Well, it has worked for me, but I have no skill for saying it is correct!

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