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Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Thu Nov 16 10:11:06 UTC 2006

jjordaan wrote:
> im trying to do research on how moodle and educommons communicates.
> installed apache and moodle.
> does anyone know how to install a Zope server.
> i need it to run educommons on the Zope server.
> i have followed the instructions but they were written for redhat.
> im currently running ubuntu dapper.
> when i install python, i get the following errors:
> "INFO: Can't locate Tcl/Tk libs and/or headers"


This sounds like either Tcl/Tk lib/hdr package(s) are not installed, or 
the path is not set up for it to find them.

To an experienced Linux user that is obvious.

If you're not experienced with Linux, you need to get hold of some books.

Try a 'which tcl' , as the same user you're using to build python/zope, 
to see if tcl is installed at all (I can't imagine it not being, since 
Linux depends left right & centre on tcl).

Then do "sudo apt-cache search tcl" and amongst the long list generated 
should be something like extra libraries for tcl.

Then do 'sudo aptitude install <package-name>'  - with the package name 
from the list above.

It'll either get the packages you want, or, if it says you've already 
got them, then you'll know its a library path issue you've got to hunt down.

This newsgroup is meant for setup issues at the Plone level. For help 
with Linux, the Ubuntu forums would be more friendly to people without a 
lot of Linux experience.

Hope that helps,


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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