[Setup] Re: no "plone site" in the add menu

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Tue Nov 14 09:24:13 UTC 2006

Allen Huang wrote:
> I'm sure you probably have been ask the question many time, but I just 
> started with plone and I can't find any solution to this problem on he 
> web of the plone site.
> after I moved every thing into zope instance home / product folder
> and restarted zope, "plone site" did not show in the add menu under root
> how do I solve this problem? I did exactly what sure be done in the 
> install.txt documentation.

Please check the permissions of the CMFPlone folder that you copied into 

Also, look in the zope.conf file and switch debug-mode on if its not 
already on, then restart and Zope may fail with a helpful error.

One thing that confuses a lot of new people is that if you are NOT in 
debug mode, Zope will continue to run and appear to be OK even if some 
products had a problem on startup.

One other thing - when asking questions like this please always tell 
people what version of Plone, Zope, python you have and on what O/S.

Welcome to Plone. :-)

hope this helps,

Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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